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Paragliding Paracas an unforgettable adventure

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Paragliding  Paracas, an unforgettable tour

Paragliding Paracas “Fly trough Paracas skies as birds do. You don’t need to have any previous experience since the pilot will take care of everything so you just have to relax and enjoy it. Paragliding is the freest way of flying, no noise, no vibrations, just the wind and you.”

You`ll experience Paracas as never before, immerse in calm and beauty in the middle of the air.

With the weather as our ally, we can depart from two locations:

  • If the wind is soft, we´ll part from the mountain “Cerro El Mirador” or “El Maldito” (4000 meters above sea level) and descend marvelled by spectacular view of the reserve.
  • But if the wind is strong we´ll part from “Playa Supay” hovering for more than 10 minutes above the spectacular seashore next to the bay of the Paracas Cathedral.

Experiencing Paracas from the air will blow your mind!

Islas Ballestas

We can visit the islands in different times of the day, you just need to contact us and we´ll take care of every single detail.

So, if you wish we can take you trough the sea and then through the air, experiencing a new perspective of nature.

Hours usually go from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning, subject to weather conditions. But as we said, don’t worry we are here for you.

Other choices…

If you wish to go for more you can include different activities and create your own experience. Such as visiting the Ballestas islands, ride in quads or Go-Karts, paragliding, touring the reserve or take a deep breath while you sail trough the sea in a catamaran by Santo Domingo bay.

Things to consider…

Timing: tours usually last 90 minutes (from the gathering point until we return).

Flights: from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the site and weather conditions.

Insurance: El Pacifico insurance company covers you.

Memories: bring your memories with you. We will give you a copy of your flying experience just bring an appropriate device, (sorry no I-Phones).

Transportation: included to and from the departure paragliding points.

Plus one fee 50.00 PEN.

Suggestion: you`ll feel more confortable wearing confortable shoes, light clothes and don’t forget your sunblock and to bring water. Its important to remember that Paracas is part of a desert. If you bring your kids along remember that your supervision and company is important and necessary.

*Your payment includes the legal rights for visiting the National Reserve of Paracas (RNP).



Duración: 1 ½ aprox.

Duración vuelo: 5 – 10 min/Clima

Precio: S/345                    COD: S230

Video: De cortesía, memoria no incluida.

Lugar: Cerro Maldito o Supay/Clima

Transporte: Inclui

do desde TuriCentro

Sugerido: Tennis, jeans, bloqueador

Edades: 08 – 65+



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