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The Time Machine Paracas

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The Paracas Time Machine” (Culturides Paracas)

“Time Machine” (Culturides Paracas) is a 15 minutes fantastic journey to the past in our unique 3 floor 3D rotational mechanical time simulator resembling the Orlando’s theme park attractions (USA). Go back 2,500 years and enjoy our full size animatronic figures explain the incredible culture who performed skull deformations and surgeries, America’s freedom expedition landing here and much more…

History has never been seen with such audio-visual realism.

The time machine in Paracas

Contribute to History: We work with the culture in Paracas in a legal way and under the ministry of culture and services with the RNP. We relate the pre-Columbian History of the cultures developed in the territory of Paracas according to studies carried out We for each tourist deliver a payment for conservation.

The Paracas culture was an Andean society existing between approximately 800 BCE and 100 BCE, with an extensive knowledge of irrigation and water management and that made significant contributions in the textile arts. It was located in what today is the Ica Region of Peru. Most information about the lives of the Paracas people comes from excavations at the large seaside Paracas site on the Paracas Peninsula, first investigated by the Peruvian archaeologist, Julio Tello, in the 1920s.

The Paracas Cavernas are shaft tombs set into the top of Cerro Colorado, each containing multiple burials. There is evidence that over the centuries when the culture thrived, these tombs were reused. In some cases, the heads of the deceased were taken out, apparently for rituals, and later reburied. The associated ceramics include incised polychrome, “negative” resist decoration, and other wares of the Paracas tradition. The associated textiles include many complex weave structures as well as elaborate plaiting and knotting techniques.

The necropolis of Wari Kayan consisted of two clusters of hundreds of burials set closely together inside and around abandoned buildings on the steep north slope of Cerro Colorado. The associated ceramics are very fine plain wares, some with white and red slips, others with pattern-burnished decoration, and other wares of the Topara tradition. Each burial consisted of a conical textile-wrapped bundle, most containing a seated individual facing north across the bay of Paracas, next to offerings such as ceramics, foodstuffs, baskets, and weapons. Each body was bound with cord to hold it in a seated position, before being wrapped in many layers of intricate, ornate, and finely woven textiles. Now the Paracas Necropolis embroideries are known as some of the finest ever produced by Pre-Columbian Andean societies and are the primary works of art by which Paracas culture is known. Burials at the necropolis of Wari Kayan continued until approximately 250 CE, and many of the mortuary bundles include textiles similar to those of early Nazca.


Tour duration: 15 minutes

Adults price: S / 30.00

cod: S012

Children Price: S / 15.00

cod: S080

Price: Promos S / 10.00

cod: S050

Place: TuriCentro (ed. Paracas)

Hours: from 8am to 9pm

* Promotions at least 20 students

Against Indicated: Claustrophobia


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