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Kitesurfing in paracas

Playa Santo Domingo Paracas, Peru (0)
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PeruKite, an extraordinary experience.

Kitesurfing in Paracas – Dive in and surround yourself in natures beauty and use only the power of the wind to experience something extraordinary. 

Our professional IKO certified instructors will teach you everything from your very first steps and even to you first or most advanced tricks. We use the latest bluetooth communication technology and the newest equipment on the market to give YOU the best experience possible. 

“We have exclusive permission to numerous locations along the nation park that we are able to teach at depending on the wind strength and direction on the day.  The wind normally picks up throughout the day starting around 11am and keeps blowing until the Sun sets.”

 Santo domingo bay Is Just 2km upwind from Paracas. An exceptionally beautiful

bay with sand dunes either side and wonderful pink flamingos roaming free. This is always

our first choice location and our main base. The best kitesurfing conditions for learning are waist deep flat water and we have that right on our doorstep like a mad scientist designed the perfect location to kite surf.

Our aim is to help students progress quickly and safely, but most of all to relax, have fun and enjoy the experience. All we ask is that you bring some water, suncream, sunglasses and yourself. Everything else will be provided for.

Learn with us the coolest ever sport, the KiteSurf, a very popular sport due to the high safety and the easy learning. Paracas is considered one of the 3 best schooling spots in the world. We will provide with full gear; get ready to “fly” above the sea and to enjoy the freedom and the wind.

Los tours a las Islas ballestas salen en diferentes horarios, comunícate con nosotros para que nos ocupemos de hacer tus reservas de acuerdo con las predicciones del clima por lo tanto haremos la programación de volar de 8 am.  a 10 am (para tomar el bote que sale a las 10) o de esperar la llegada de los botes a las 10 y volar después.

Kitesurf en Paracas
Contribuye con la ecología:

Nosotros trabajamos el Kitesurf en Paracas en forma legal y bajo contrato de derechos y servicios con la *RNP.
Volamos solo en zonas permitidas de acuerdo a estudios de impacto realizados
Nosotros con cada vuelo entregamos un pago destinado a la conservación.


KITESURF courses

"Fun day"

Duration Tour: 1 1/2 hours in total.

Price: US $ 175

cod D125

Full Course: Duration 2 days x 3Hrs each

Price: US $ 320

cod: D225

Place: Santo Domingo Beach

Certification: IKO International included

Hours: 11am, 2pm, 2pm to 5pm

Teams: Included + rescues

Transportation: Included from Turicentro

Ages: 12 - 50+

Mobility Own: S / 10 dct. x day of course


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