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Iron cliffs

Yumaque, Perú (0)
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Iron cliffs

We will go to the lookout point of the red beach located high to the south of the beach where we will find the Iron cliffs.

It is a hike to observe the most beautiful natural landscapes of beaches and rock formations with a high iron content that when oxidized produces this reddish coloration.

the tour was designed to be an extremely light and gentle hike because we will start at a slightly altitude of 100 meters ending at the beach at the level of the evil is a hike for all ages and for all those who want to know the most beautiful reefs of the planet

This tour will visit sites such as punta katia area that looks like a spur of a boat over 100 meters above the sea reefs

The thirsty rhinoceros is a rocky formation that with the right light of the morning reminds us of a rhinoceros drinking the water

The bay of the storm is a small and microscopic bay where the sea is stirred in a spatial way, the fishing platform a magical place where the birds and pelicans will come to visit us since there are usually fishermen in the area and finally we will arrive to the wonderful beach of Yumaque where its cliffs of golden sands contrast with the whiteness of its shore and the deep blue of its sea

We can make tours in the form of a combo in which you can include the different activities we have, so a classic could be Islas Ballestas leaving the town in ATV or Go-Kart ATVs to reach the Paracas Restaurant or the Peruvian Vegan to have lunch and After a good after-dinner continue with the Golden Shadows.

Iron cliffs

Contribute to ecology:

Contribute to ecology:
We carry out the trips in Iron cliffs in a legal way and under a contract of rights and services with the * RNP.
We travel only in areas allowed according to impact studies conducted
With each tour we deliver a payment destined to conservation.

RNP National Reserve of Paracas

COD: S038


Duration: 2 Hours

Place: Red beach walk "yumaque"

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


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