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Dune Buggies

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Dune Buggies

“Live the excitement of “sailing” the wonderful dunes of the Paracas desert in the fast and agiles Sand Dune Buggies at ADRENARENA PARK. Come and see the desert and the enchanting world of the Paracas sands, make a stop on the tour and we will orvide you a board  to go downhill in our beautiful Sand slope before ending this wonderful tour. “

The dunes of ADRENARENA PARK are recognized as the best in the world, not only by those who visit it, but also by the Dakar organization itself, in which they race special stages where the best dune pilots from all over the world are amazed, surprised and in love.

At the 253km of the South Panamerican highway, on the left side if you are going south, you will find an arch, in which hangs a Dune Buggie. This is the admission entrance to ADRENARENA PARK.

The Sandboarding is carried out as part of the tour with the Buggies, God blessed us with such special Sandboarding site….

An imaginary circuit through which five buggies run over more than a hundred dunes with sharp ridges and deep valleys. The cars are long, wide and low, with the engine in the back and the center of gravity low enough to make it difficult to overturn and the steep slopes shoot the adrenaline to the maximum. Halfway there is a stop to surf the sand, a descent of several tens of meters at full speed down the slope of the dune…


RNP National Reserve of Paracas

We can make tours in the form of a combo that can include the different activities we have, so a classic could be Islas Ballestas leaving the town in Go – Kart to reach the Restaurant Paracas or the Peruvian Vegan for lunch and after a good after-dinner continue with the Golden Shadows


The tour has an estimated time of 1 hour, and there is no maximum number of people because we provide and own different vehicles with enough spaces for groups or at least 30 people It is essential to bring a basic kit that includes:

• Bottle with water
• Sunscreen
• Hat
• Sun glasses
PDT: Protective googles and the Sandboard are provided by the tour operator.


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